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VPS Euro+


With 8 power plugs and 4 USB charging ports, VPS Euro+ is designed to provide a safe, functional and ergonomic solution, reducing the need to bend or strain when accessing power. It offers unparalleled convenience for all your electronic needs. It’s not just about plugging in; it’s about plugging into a healthier lifestyle.

As a dedicated professional in his 50s, John grappled with back discomfort caused by frequent bending to manage his electronic devices. Then, he found Euro+. This innovative power solution transformed his workspace, eliminating the need to bend down and enhancing his quality of life.

Functionality and safety remain top priorities, with surge protection included to safeguard your devices. In a more modest form, the Origin 2L+ encapsulates the same commitment to accessibility, health benefits, functionality, and safety as its larger counterparts in the Vertical Power Stacker family



VPS Origin 2L+


Meet the Origin 2L+, the trailblazing original in the Vertical Power Stacker line-up. Compact yet powerful, it features 6 power plugs and 4 USB charging ports, ensuring you have all the connectivity you need at your fingertips. The Origin 2L+ is all about enhancing accessibility and well-being. Designed with a strong focus on ergonomics, it minimizes the need for excessive bending or reaching, making it a health-conscious choice for your home or workspace.


VPS Origin 3L+


Introducing the Origin 3L+, the powerhouse of the Vertical Power Stacker series. With a generous capacity of 10 power plugs and 4 USB charging ports, it’s the ultimate hub for your electronic devices. Its thoughtful design minimizes the need for bending or stretching to access power, prioritizing your comfort and health.

It is the true power oasis, where devices thrive, and efficiency blossom. Origin 3L+ transforms workspaces into realms of connectivity and ease. Whether in a busy office or a tech-savvy home, the Origin 3L+ stands as a symbol of accessibility, health benefits, functionality, and safety – a true game-changer for those who demand the best.


Ergonomic & Accessible

Our vertical, non-block design ensures that all plugs coexist harmoniously without obstructing one another, making it a compact powerhouse that maximizes space. With a lengthy cord designed for desktop use, the VPS series eliminates the need for inconvenient bending or stretching .… read more.

Built With Fire Retardant Material

Safety is paramount in the VPS series. Each product is meticulously crafted with fire-retardant materials, providing the utmost protection for you and your devices. With this advanced safety feature, you can enjoy peace of mind .… read more.

Surge & Overload Protection

Surge and overload protection are at the core of the VPS series. Each product is equipped with built-in safeguards to shield your valuable devices from power surges and overloads. This advanced protection ensures that your electronics remain unharmed during sudden voltage spikes.… read more.

Smart Charging Control

The VPS series brings intelligence to charging. Each unit is equipped with a smart chip that recognizes the devices connected to it, ensuring the optimal charging current is distributed to every device.… read more.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Ms ***field from NSW

This is the 3rd one of these products I’ve bought so far, this one for our holiday house. Utterly impressive!

P. ***erson

“Perfect for what I was after. The power and USB ports were hugely beneficial in charging my devices! What else is there to say?”


V. ***tom

Wow, it saved my back, no more fumbling about the chargers on the floor! It’s just fantastic. I’m definitely ordering another.

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